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PanDam is looking for creative, outgoing and enthusiastic volunteers to join its Writing Committee. The Writing Committee is responsible for the Magazine’s weekly publications as well as other editorials. During our meetings, Ayoub and Nina -the Committee Coordinators- will provide you with all the needed support: from creative feedback to editing, from brainstorming to networking. Most likely, you will produce and publish a piece every four to eight weeks. PanDam is a small magazine, only founded a few years ago by students in Amsterdam, and is always open for new ideas, projects, and perspectives. We are is still growing and, as such, you will always find the space to try out different things, discover new formats, and challenge yourself. In the upcoming year, we aim to take PanDam to the next level, registering it as an official, multimedia publication and applying for funding. It’s an exciting time to be part of the team! Join us and click on the button below to send us your application.


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