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In a time dominated by urban sprawls and the dynamics they create, we want you to tell us:

What does "utopia" mean to you? Can we co-exist differently? Is the city a utopia? Is it the opposite? What is utopian living?

Reflect on your vision of the city and we will publish your piece on our website. But please be vary of using material that is not yours. No one likes copyright infringements.

If you have always dreamed of publishing something that has been gathering dust on your hard drive or feel inspired to share your thoughts, now is your chance.

At PanDam we strive to create a diverse platform with input from as many voices as possible. Now we want to hear yours!

PanDam is accepting submissions of any form as long as they reflect upon your “Vision of Utopia”.  This could be done in a text

a video

a poem

a drawing

a collage

your call!

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